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A kastély művészettörténeti értékei (EN)

The castle's history of art

The ceiling fresco of the great hall on the second floor was made by Ferenc Lohr painter in 1896  . Count Ádám Vay ordered the work as he owened the castle that time. The family Vay meant to raise the memory of the 1000 year old Hungarian Conquest with this ceiling fresco. In the picture one of the moment of the battle of Nikápoly ( 1396. ) can be seen.  The moment when one of the member of the family Vay , Titusz ( Tihamér ) Vay helps king Zsigmond to escape from the battlefield. The king can be seen  in the middle of the picture.

The restoration works were preceeded by precise  archeological researches lead by Juan Cabello in 2000. During the research rich  stucco ornamentation came to light which dates back to the earliest ages of the castle. On the vaulting stilized leaf and flower forms, while on the closing of the vaults geometrical and flower forms alloy.

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